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Fertilizers and Pest Control

Although it is not recommended as a whole by the group to use pest control, we’re putting it here for your benefit to sparingly and wisely use.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, 1-888-784-1722, (California).
The most exhaustive catalog of everything organic (including seeds) available anywhere! It’s an education all by itself. Shipping can hurt.

Seven Springs Farm, 1800-540-9181, (Virginia)
A nice selection of products covering everything you need.

Deerfield Supplies, 1-270-265-2425, (Kentucky)
Mennonite owned, great pricing, increasing selection of organic supplies, close to home.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 1-877-564-6697, (Maine)

Fedco Seeds, 1-(207) 873-7333, (Maine)


Farmers and Asbestos

Agricultural workers and farmers are exposed to asbestos in farm equipment and building materials. Vermiculite, a mineral that's safe in its pure form, can also pose a risk if asbestos contaminated the vermiculite mine. Asbestos has been found in vermiculite soil mixes and conditioners.

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