Board of Directors

Cavell Blood

Cavell and his wife, Kate, started gardening together as newly-weds in Weimar, CA in 2014. Two years later they moved to Williamsport, TN for the apprenticeship program at Bountiful Blessings Farm where they learned organic farming from the John Dysinger family. Cavell currently lives with his wife and daughter in Tennessee and his goal is to use their home garden as a ministry to the community.

Matthew Dealy

Matthew his wife and four children run Tobias Garden, a small scale vegetable farm in South Dakota. He has a passion for getting others excited about agriculture, and creating new things to make farm life easier.

Darren Greenfield (Chair)

Darren Greenfield is an organic farmer, teacher, engineer, and pastor who lives and works at Weimar Institute, CA.

Darryl Hosford

Darryl is a home gardener, who loves tending some fruit trees, honey bees and the normal garden vegetables each summer. Darryl lives in Michigan with his wife, Cheryl and two sons. He serves the as the website initiative leader.

Scott Learned

Scott and his wife Linda are owners of Learned Garlic Farm located in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Before starting their family 30 years ago they were convicted to depart from their teaching careers to move to the country where they have owned and operated their own cabinet shop. They enjoyed gardening together as they raised their three children and have recently expanded into a small garlic farm where they love to share their faith at farmer’s market and with other customers by promoting the blessings of healthy living.

Larry Lesher

Larry and Michelle Lesher are stewards of Eastward Gardens a market garden Ministry located in Hardinsburg, Indiana just north of Louisville, KY.

Thomas Mayer

Thom and his wife Felicia along with their 2 daughters Grace and Lilia, are currently serving at DayStar Adventist Academy.  Thom is the assistant farm manager at Castle Valley Farms, the school's market garden, which provides produce to the local town of Moab, UT.  He is passionate about finding new ways to preserve food from the farm and create healthy products with a mission focus.  He and his family enjoy being part of a school that understands the importance that agriculture brings to the character development of it's students.

Barry Moiser

Barry & Marybeth are owners of Miracle Strawberry Farm, LLC located near Dodge Center Minnesota. They raise strawberries on 3 acres and asparagus on 2 acres with occaisional help from 4 of their 5 children. Their goal is to share God's end time message and love with their customers on the farm. Their 11 years living in Africa as missionaries gave them the burden to help people grow food more effectively. Barry also has a public accounting practice where he focuses on farms and small businesses.

Arthur Mulyono (Treasurer)

Arthur Mulyono is a farmer at Five College Farms.  His passion for agriculture has grown since hearing the "Present Truth" message. His aspiration is to see Adventist as the forefront in agriculture.

Alan Seiler (Secretary)

Alan Seiler is a small scale farmer in south-central Oklahoma. At age 14, he discovered a Black & Decker gardening book in his Mema’s garage and has had his hands in the soil ever since. He passionately believes in the future of small scale farming as a way of making a living and creating the ideal dynamic to get families together. Alan works with his parents, grandparents, and sister on their start up micro farm, BetterTogether Farm, serving as a business and ministry to their local community.



In memory:
Bob Jorgensen
Bob Jorgensen was an instrumental voice in the formation of AdAgra. He has been missed since his death, and we look forward to the second coming!

"The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer." 
Will Rogers