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Welcome to the Classified area. We welcome your submission for items related to Agriculture. All entires will be screened. We will show items for a few months, and then you can renew the ad if still applicable.

3 acres tracts available near clinton arkansas

There are 2 available 3 acre tracts near clinton arkansas for anyone wanting to get out into country living. Amidst a nearby lakes rivers and beautiful ozark mountains,  these are 2 tracts neighboring mine making for a nice SDA community. 

Contact Information
Anna Morales
[email protected] | +1 210-779-0149

Norwegian Dried Stockfish Available

Norwegian Stockfish

-Round Cod, 50-70CM, LONG)

-40-60 Large Stockfish)


Stockfish products consist of Norwegian wild-caught salt water cod fish that has been naturally dehydrated with no added salt or preservatives. The cleaned fresh fish with head and entrails removed are tied in pairs at the tail and hung on wooden racks to dry in natural fresh cold air (January – April). The drying process takes approximately three to four months, during which 70% of the water is removed and the essential vitamins and nutrients are retained. The dehydrated fish (STOCKFISH) acquires a peculiar flavor/taste that is totally different from the fresh cod fish flavor. The nutritional value of 1-Kg of stockfish is the same as approx. 5-Kg of fresh fish. 

Contact Information
Darryl West
[email protected] | +1 831-508-9880
268 Warfield Ave, Venice, Florida, US

2 Homes, 2 Business Suites on 7 forested acres in the mountains of Arizona

Private, quiet and serene. Main house is 2 story with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Wrap around porch upstairs and down, fenced orchard and raised garden beds. Guest house is one level, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Property is equipped with a private well, back-up generator, and greenhouse. Greenhouse area is fenced with a chicken coop, more raised garden beds, and additional orchard. The trees include 3 kinds of apple, 2 peach, 1 apricot, 1 almond, 1 pluot, 2 cherry, 2 figs, 1 avocado, 1 mango, 1 lemon, 1 orange, and grape vines. The property also has a pond, gazebo, wood shed, 2 carports, 3 leased propane tanks. Plenty of trees to use for firewood. Please call or write for more information.


Contact Information
Marlene Churchill
[email protected] | +1 480-322-9394
51109 N AZ Hwy 288, Young, AZ, 85554, US

Organic farm for sale in Michigan

Country living at its best!  Fully functional certified organic farm, 15 acres with additional leased land available for organic produce production. Sales are currently wholesale to distributors and stores. Two greenhouses, warehouse, tractor and implements, trucks and some beehives. Much more can be included in sale if interested. If not interested in business - the land, house and greenhouses can be sold for county living and sustainable self sufficient farm life.  For more information contact below.

Contact Information
Janna Smith
[email protected] | +1 520-260-3208

Landscape Maintenance Business 'For Sale'

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Gorge Oregon. We are a Ministry minded SDA couple planning for retirement. We want to grant you the opportunity to step into an established, successful business of 13 years. There is an unlimited opportunity to grow the Landscape Maintenance Business, or to expand into the Landscape Construction and the Irrigation Industry. It has been our experience that being self-employed has allowed us the freedom to use our business as an avenue to reach people for Christ.   

Please feel free to contact us for more information and to have questions answered that you may have.

Contact Information
Wade Walker
[email protected] | +1 541-980-2813
PO Box 1821, The Dalles, Oregon, 97058, US

Looking for place in the country

  • I am an active, healthy, strong, single adventist grandmom looking to relocate us out of the Bay Area, CA.
  • I have a dozen fruit trees in 25gallon felt/smart pots that are several years old with air pruned roots ready for the ground.
  • I have a lot of health knowledge and books galore on all the important subjects for God’s people living in the country.
  • I have some tools and an inventive, solution minded way of logical thinking.
  • I am a helper and doer looking for community/family to be an active member of.
  • I have Section 8 and am looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom place to call home anywhere in the USA.
  • I have been at my current residence for over 20 years and have excellent references.
  • I am a bee keeper and was raised on a farm and eager to learn more.
  • Id loove to build soil and an organic food forest which has been my dream for many years now.
  • I have a “thing/way” with wild animals and the domesticated ones too.
  • I listen to only classical music as well as church hymns and attend church every Sabbath.
  • I have been an adventist for 35 years.
  • I homeschool my grandchild using Classical Conversations.

This is a whole lotta “I’s” for someone who is a humble, behind the scenes kinda person.

Hoping that this list gives an idea of what I bring to the table and some of what I have to offer.

Praying for God to open doors with a new place in the country to call home till Jesus comes again.

Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read this and consider us.

Contact Information
Aline Native

Country Living Property Cochise AZ

For sale 20 fenced acres with buildings, well, septic, electric.  Country Living property with lots of potential..   only 170k! Mountain Views all around, 1 hour from Tucson 1 hour from Sierra Vista, small town nearby for shopping and church family. Country living medical missionary adventists in area with outreach opportunities.  Cochise County AZ no building restrictions / owner opt outs! Tiny house earthship earthbag greenhouse etc etc friendly.

Contact Information
Elias Acevedo
[email protected] | +1 520-500-0636
Cochise, AZ, US

SEEKING for Agriculture Researchers and Specialists

I am seeking a group of good and committed SDA brothers and sisters, for a missionary project. We are considering a group of 10 people (preferably couples), with good expertise in high-tech and controlled environments, and greenhouse agriculture, Aquaponics, who appreciate developing agriculture research. We are planning to establish a self-sustainable production structure, based on a missionary ship to be operated worldwide, hopefully, teaching the knowledge to others, while we travel the world. We need them to have good knowledge of how to cultivate fruits, general vegetables, mushrooms, and others, as well, we also need people who are also specialists in handcraft food processing.  

Thank you for your attention and interested parties, please get in touch.

Contact Information
Robson Reis
[email protected] | +1 514-619-7366

Full Time Farmer and/or Maintenance Positions

Black Hills Health and Education Center in the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota is currently accepting applications for an experienced farmer and maintenance person.  We are a Wellness Center with 260 acres, about 2 acres are bing used for an organic garden, hoping to expand to 20 acres.  We also have a functional green house.  This is the prefect place out in the wilderness for a self motivated person who can produce.  Send resumes to [email protected].  605-255-4101  website  

Contact Information
Mark Anthony
[email protected] | +1 605-255-4101
13815 Battle Creek Rd., Hermosa, South Dakota, 57744, US

Looking for Land


My family and I are looking for a country property around the Chattanooga, TN area. Preferably about 1-2 hours from Chattanooga, TN.

If you or know someone who is selling their land or house in the country please let me know. 

Contact Information
Saurel Cerome
[email protected] | +1 813-417-9620

Atlas RT MAX GREENHOUSE for sale by owner.

35 foot wide x 140 foot long greenhouse for sale. 2 inch x 3 inch rectanguler bows.This is a very heavy duty house for high wind ratings and snow loads . Stored in a shipping container 20 miles from Glen Rose , Texas. Pictures are available. Gerald Scheffler

Contact Information
Gerald Scheffler
[email protected] | +1 817-645-8185
P.O. Box 174, Keene, Texas, 76059, US

Mind Cure?

I am a 61 year old male who is expecting, by God's grace, to participate in the giving of the loud cry. Recently I have had cause to re-read the section "Mind Cure" in The Ministry of Healing. I can't help but consider that some of the descriptions of the patient sound like my case. I am contemplating seeking to partner with a brother, couple, or group, to test God's healing power. (Not that I have any doubts.)

What I am thinking of is offering my labor in exchange for a place to sleep. Clearly this would need to be a place where the labor would be largely outdoors and, I imagine, growing things or tending the land in some way. While my health is not great, I am not incapacitated. If God is indeed leading me into a situation like this, I expect He would strengthen me and I would be able to perform some labor from the start. I may not be able to do much to begin, but I believe, again by God's grace, I would be able to work up to greater levels as time passes. I would hope the other party would not merely be seeking inexpensive labor but looking for an opportunity to bring glory to God's name and allow Him to demonstrate his healing love and power. 

I live in Vancouver, WA, but would be willing to relocate. If this interests you, please email me at [email protected].

Jeffrey Carl

Contact Information
Jeffrey Carl
[email protected] | +1 360-907-5652

Dorset Down Rare Breed Sheep Breeders, Tullens Farm Sussex

Tullens Farm are award-winning Dorset Down sheep breeders in Pulborough, Sussex. This rare breed has a small head (ideal for lambing), matures fast & is hardy.

Contact Information
Tullens Fruit Farm
[email protected] | +44 1798 872108
Tullens Pickhurst Lane, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DA, GB


I am looking for a good use r v travel trailer for sale to buy

Contact Information
Judy Varner
[email protected] | +1 430-244-0233
221 c r 2446, Rusk Texas, Texas, 75785, US


I just last month lost mine husband to lung cancer I am looking for a good  use r v to buy mine number is 430 244 0233

Contact Information
Judy Varner
[email protected] | +1 430-244-0233
221 c r 2446, Rusk Texas, Texas, 75785, US

100% Self-sufficient Turnkey Farm Texas

All the work is finished. This is a miracle waiting for you.  3 unrestricted acres.  6 ft privacy fence. Renovated 2000sf house. New flooring, lighting and upgraded electric. Furnished. Turnkey. New 12x24 greenhouse.  New 12x24 loafing shed.  Mini barn.  Fencing.  Large gardens.  Tractor.  Riding mower.  3 private wells.  2 Fireplaces.  250g Propane. Wood stove.  Awesome farm dog.  Bring a suitcase. Has room for RV spots if you want to expand.  Psalm 91!

Large active Adventist community. 

Contact Information
Rebecca M
[email protected] | +1 409-750-1249

Herbalist Situation wanted

I am a practicing herbalist and I seek to partner with a SDA person(s) who would like to start a medicinal botanical garden/lifestyle center or something similar that could sell herbs, give advice to sick persons, train in simple remedies to alleviate suffering. I am thinking of a medical missionary project that will be very discreet and will be used to help spread the gospel, promote healing among worldly and SDA persons and sending young and older people after training to go out and show God's love through medical missionary activities. I will be active in advising the plants to grow and writing and promoting this project. looking for someone who wants to put up the land and give technical advice on agriculture. This can be a 501(c)(3) or for profit enterprise

Contact Information
Alan Lockley
[email protected] | +1 904-581-8276

Looking for good dog homes

We have puppies free to good homes. Our Border Collie had 9 puppies, 4 males and 5 females. The puppy for sale market is very full right now, and we just want to see them in good homes. They are Border Collie x Pyrenees mix, and would make excellent family, homestead, or livestock guardian dogs. The Border is very smart and trainable, and the Pyrenees is gentle, fearless, and confident. They have been raised on a homestead farm with kids and chickens. We are located in north central Arkansas, and would be happy to video chat, or make arrangements to drive and meet the right person. We are 2.5 hours north of Little Rock, 4 hours west of Memphis, and 6 hours to Houston or Saint Louis. 

Contact Information
Brittany or Joshua Paton
[email protected] | +1 802-451-8654
Yellville, Arkansas, 72687, US

Century Farm, Central Washington

Century Farm located near Goldendale, Wa.  Secluded 2.5 miles into the  Little Klickitat River Canyon,  24 acres with  48" organic (not certified) top soil with 1000+feet river frontage.  Orchard, greenhouses, 13 buildings including completely remodeled farm house, barn, shop, man cave, office, recreation room, bunkhouse, 2 shipping containers,  4 RV's and RV hookups 

Already divided into 4 parcels, all with electric and river frontage.  

Contact Information
Joan Holbrook Payne
[email protected] | +1 503-887-4235
P O Box 1092, Goldendale, WA, 98620, US

For Sale, 5 acres Willamette Valley Oregon, water rights and excellent soils with river frontage.

We have 5 acres for sale with water rights and excellent soils. A portion of the parcel has been farmed in organic vegetables and strawberries. The parcel is fenced and is well located in the Willamette Valley. 

Contact Information
Eric Pond
[email protected] | +1 503-550-1677
Lebanon, OR, 97355, US

South-Central TX small acreage for sale

Husband & I want to sell the adjacent 8-10 acres to our homestead at end of private road. The land is wooded with some large oaks, but has much open, including a former hay pasture. Also is on a year-round creek.

Contact Information
Robin Tesch
[email protected] | +1 361-827-4710
278 Private Rd 1077, Shiner, TX, 77984, US

Cottage in Ireland - Country Side1 acre

Hi there, we are selling our small 2 bed very traditional and super cozy cottage in Ireland. it is located in the small village of Lyracrumpane, located 15 minutes from Tralee, which is a good size town in the county Kerry, southwest of Ireland.  We have one acre and a "polytunnel " a green house, plus 25 apple trees ( 5 years old ) 30 blueberry bushes, and enough space to cultivate the entire acre. Praying our Lord to guide our next steps

Contact Information
Luke K
[email protected] | +353 85 872 9783

Temporary Gardener Needed

We could use a temporary gardener to help plant our garden now as we work on our farmhouse to get moved into in the next month or two. You can live in our farmhouse to work the garden. It is mostly ready to be planted. If interested, contact me to work out the details.

Location: central Virginia, west of Lexington, VA

Contact Information
Jenny Lingerfelt
[email protected] | +1 406-939-2489
Hot Springs, Virginia, 24445, US

Property for sale KY

Hudson KY

28 Acres

2 Large fields

1 small field 

Approx 7 Acres open tillable field

Approx 21 Acres mature hardwood marketable timber

Several undeveloped spring locations

Seasonal creek 

2 building sites



Electric(Temp Box) 

Red Squares = Two build sites. Top of hill is Septic and well

Black circle = Small cave site

Green Square = Large Garden Plot

Blue Line = Seasonal creek

Contact Information
Joel Polley
[email protected] | +1 270-750-0211
305 Mora Pullen Ln, Hudson, KY, 40145, US

Seeking farm manager in Bozeman, Montana

We are looking for a farm manager to operate an established farm working with the Mount Ellis Academy and Elementary Schools in Bozeman, Montana.  We know that God wants agriculture in His schools and that is why we established Bear Canyon Farm in 2017. This farm is a 501c3 non-profit that operates independently from the schools but exists to support them by providing food for the cafeteria, work opportunities for students, and hands on educational opportunities. To be self-supporting, produce not provided to the cafeteria is sold in the local community to individuals, through CSAs, farmers markets and local grocery stores. We have been operating on purely a volunteer basis with the expectation the farm can support a farm manager once the fruit trees and berries come into production. We have planted 2 acres of fruit trees, ½ acre haskap berries (honeyberries), and have 1.5 acres in vegetables and small fruits, we are currently focused on increasing our garlic production. This space also includes 3 hoop houses. This area is a growing zone 4. There is great potential to do well with this project but the goal is not to just make a profit, it is to work with the teachers to provide educational opportunities for the students and work experience in agriculture.  This is farming with a missionary purpose and we would like it to stay that way as much as fiscally possible.  We have been working with the teachers to have classes out for practical application to their classroom work and have offered a master gardener class in the past. We also hope to begin utilizing the acquainting agriculture curriculum. There are living arrangements available with this position, wage will be negotiated. If anyone is interested please pray about it and contact us if interested.  We want someone with the right motives and a heart for the mission of this farm project. 

Contact Information
Katie Harris
[email protected] | +1 406-750-1370
3641 Bozeman Trail Rd., Bozeman, Montana, 59715, US

Multi-grade elementary teacher

Description: Montana Conference is seeking candidates for a multi-grade teacher in a one-teacher school for the 2022-2023 school year. Choteau Adventist School will be re-opening under the new name of Teton Adventist Christian School. TACS is located in Choteau, Montana and is committed to inspiring and cultivating excellence and the desire to learn. The school is connected to the SDA church in a country setting. Choteau is a small town located in the western half of Montana. Montana has a large variety of living environments and adventure seekers will find many things to do. From the desert-like plains to the towering peaks in Glacier National Park, Montana has much to offer. The school enjoys the support of a committed school board and constituent church.

Experience: Teton Adventist Christian School is seeking a dedicated, qualified school teacher with a passion and love for students and teaching. TACS has a special interest in establishing a gardening/agriculture segment to the curriculum. Candidates must be a faithful member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The ideal candidate must be a professional educator with a track record of strong, positive classroom management, have excellent skills in relating to students in a multi-grade setting, know how to get from good to great academic outcomes, is growing in their knowledge of standards-based learning, and have a strong commitment to Christ. The successful candidate should have a minimum of 3-5 years of teaching, with some experience in teaching multi-grade classrooms. Candidates who are new graduates will be considered if their teacher training program included a strong emphasis on teaching in small school environments. The ideal candidate is innovative in their approach to instruction. Valid NAD teaching credentials are required (or immediate eligibility).

Contact Information
Renae Young
[email protected] | +1 406-587-3101
175 Canyon View Road, Bozeman, Montana, 59715, US

Summer Internship/Managers


We pack about 2.6 million pounds of blueberries and we have several summer management positions open.  We have been giving young people management experience for the last 20 years.  We have positions for those with little experience and lots of experience.  There are various housing opportunities in the area, Wapato WA.   

Contact Information
spencer Weijohn
[email protected] | +1 509-969-5502
2951 Evans Rd, WAPATO, WA, 98951, US

Looking for land

Good day I am looking for a small plot of land( 3-5 acres) either in NJ, NY or PA. Maximum 2 hours from central Jersey as I am not able to currently leave my job. I am looking to homestead and have sheep and alpacas. Would need owner financing or someone willing to lease.
Contact Information
Marijke N
[email protected] | +1 908-205-5837
Redcliffe ave, Hp, NJ, 08904, US

Experienced Farm Managers

Hi, I am the Director of Facilities at Oak Haven, located in Southwest Michigan. We are in search of an experienced farm manager to establish and build from the ground up a working farm/market garden on our 1200 acre campus. All 1200 acres would not be used for farming but sections of land could be used. If you are at all interested in this prospect, please contact me.
Contact Information
Jonathan Woodhall
[email protected] | +1 810-241-7271

Land for Use

Hello... my husband is a retired minister- we inherited 168 acres of ranchland in Texas, recently. We want to use for the Lord's purposes. We are putting utilities on it and developing on part of it an RV park with large lots. as we sold our home and now living in an RV and using the house sale to develop the property. We are trying to make a place of refuge for others. We are doing 10 sites to start with. We have put up a 30x40 pavilion and have bought a log cabin as a "store" with washers and dryers and a full kitchen to use to make herbal remedies and just to have a full kitchen since living in an RV. This older log cabin has not been delivered and we will need to renovate. We are very much into natural remedies and medical missionary work. We are looking to see if others want to help with this venture. We need to develop farmland for crops. We have mesquite trees and cactus. It is in Runnels county - on the line for the first county into west Texas. My parents are one county to the east and are in central Texas. There is no permitting in our country, but all the ones around here is permitting. We have county water. We have two stock tanks that could be used for irrigation possibly. We are looking to do rainwater harvesting and drilling a well. We think also we need some solar energy. If you are interested, in helping with this venture please let us know. We are thinking of selling memberships where people have a place for their RV and a garden... Each site cost us to put in around $5K each. We are asking that people buying memberships at 10K so they can pay for theirs and another person's so we keep providing for others. This is all negotiable and we are open for suggestions. Thank you for your time. This task is much bigger than we can do . We know God will send others. We know HE is coming soon! God bless each of you. Please call if you want more information. The site development has been delayed yet another 2 weeks due to not being about to get the 2" water line. It seems it is always something. In God's time. Maybe we don't have the right plan yet. Thank you for prayers as we endeavor to do this project. Please call if yo even if you are not interested in helping, but have suggestions on how we could do this. Thank you again! Ruth & Mark
Contact Information
Mark & Ruth Atwood
[email protected] | +1 907-952-7628
5089 FM382, Ballinger, TX, 76821, US

Adventist Couple Seeking Land

Good day and God's richest blessings be upon you! We are an Adventist couple currently seeking to do the will of the Lord and follow counsel given to us as a people, as a church. We are in search for land to be used to revive Madison Industrial College and train young people for Gospel labor. Agriculture and other trades would also be a part of the curriculum. We are in need of land that is a minimum of 20 acres to allow room for growth. We are interested in Owner Financing options. For any further questions please call or email us. Price Range: Up to $50,000
Contact Information
Sebastien Smarth
[email protected] | +1 646-954-9137

SEEKING School Farm Assistant

Milo Adventist Academy farm in the remote South Umpqua River valley, Days Creek, Oregon is seeking a farm Production Manager responsible for serving in both labor and supervisory roles, leading other adult volunteers/intern farmers and training high school students. Applicant will work with Ag Director to manage vegetable/fruit production on 5 acre market farm, caring for and harvesting field and greenhouse crops and caring for laying hen flocks; will model the gospel with students on the farm and community members at farm stand and farmers market; will be self driven; will be mission focused. The right person will be young at heart, Christ centered, love farming, be a self starter, enjoy working with teenagers, and have or be able to develop leadership skills. This mission post will be hourly pay, with benefits.
Contact Information
Jeff Birth
[email protected] | +1 541-825-3200 ext. 3484
324 Milo Dr, Days Creek, Oregon, 97429, US

Seeking 7th-10th Grade Teacher

Kingsbury SDA School is currently a one-teacher school located in rural upstate New York north of Albany. We are expanding from an 9-grade to a 10-grade school. We are looking for a dynamic, Christ-centered, Junior Academy Endorsed, Seventh-day Adventist teacher who is passionate about leading students to Jesus. They will teach grades 7-10. The successful candidate is committed to engaging students to achieve spiritually, academically and socially. The candidate will set high standards for excellence and incorporate innovative education practices into his/her teaching.


  • Current SDA Certification
  • Endorsements in secondary math and science required
  • History endorsement a plus
  • A passion for teaching and a love for students
  • A kind and caring nature, able to respond calmly and professionally to difficult situations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in teaching students of varying abilities
  • Competent classroom management skills
  • A firm commitment as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • The ability to work effectively with staff and administration
  • Preferred interest in an agricultural curriculum and passion for nature as God’s first textbook
Please send a resume along with 3 letters of reference to the NY Conference of SDA when you apply.
Contact Information
Cesilia Dean
[email protected] | +1 423-718-8215
3991 State Route 4, Hudson Falls, New York, 12839-3713, US