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Mission and Vision

Why: Growing better,

How: by bringing God’s plan for agriculture into each life

What: through in-person experiences designed to inform, connect, inspire, promote noble independence, and encourage spiritual renewal.

Our Slogan:Growing Better

Everything we do is focused on "growing better" in whatever aspect of life we are discussing.

How We Grow Better:

All our activities are created to bring God's plan for agriculture into each life we touch. This is not dependent on anyone's current location, occupation, or situation.

What We Do to Implement our Mission:

  1. We organize in-person experiences. Whether this is our annual National Conference, local Micro Meets, or future regional conferences, we believe face-to-face encounters and connection are powerful ways to move this vision forward.
  2. We inform by promoting a biologically-driven, scientifically-sound system of agriculture in harmony with principles found in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
  3. We connect like minded people who share a desire to engage in God's plan for agrarian living. This includes working with the Seventh-day Adventist church, its supporting ministries, and individual families to elevate and encourage agricultural evangelism and education.
  4. We inspire, train and equip a new generation of Adventist farmers to fill the need in schools, institutions, and communities.
  5. We promote noble independence by educating families and individuals about the "Country Living Message" and encouraging them as they transition to an agrarian lifestyle that is more independent.
  6. We encourage Spiritual renewal and integrate it into our event planning as we seek to stimulate prayerful study and discussion of the role of agriculture in preparing God’s end-time people.