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  • What does the Registration Fee cover? It covers attending the conference including the plenaries and all the classes, except the extra fee classes. What it does NOT cover: meals, lodging, extra fee classes and exhibits.
  • Can I sleep in my van/car? Yes, but you need to purchase a tent site and you can park there and have full use of the site.
  • Do I have to sign up for classes? You only need to sign up for the Extra Fee classes. It's optional. All other classes are included in your registration.
  • Does a parent have to attend Kid’s classes with their child? We ask parents to use their judgment and comfort zone leaving their kids in the class. This is a class not a day-care. We want kids to be safe and enjoy learning. We welcome parents! Parents are responsible for their kids at all time.Some of the Extra Fee classes may require a parent to assist. It will say in the class description if an adult is required to be there.
  • Is there wifi and cell service? Don’t count on dependable wifi. Cell service depends on your service provider and their coverage of the area. We may need to restrict wifi during Live Streaming.

  • What if I am arriving late? We encourage you to arrive by 6pm so you can enjoy the evening program and be ready with a plan for next day. The gate locks at 11:30PM If you will be arriving later than that, you must call us ahead of time at 832-277-5853 and make arrangements. If arriving after 11:30PM please call the night ranger at 386-454-1351.
  • Do all the lodging options have heat and a/c? They all have heat. A/C is not usually needed in January.
  • Can I cook in my room? While not all of the rooms have refrigerators, you are welcome to bring your own coolers and camp stoves and cook outside.
  • Are the meals Plant-based, GF, organic, non gmo? All meals are plant-based, GF friendly, and mostly organic and non gmo.
  • Do I have to come for the whole time? You don't have to come for the entire time but the registration fee is the same whether you attend the whole conference or a day.
  • Can I come on Sabbath for free? Sabbath Registration Only, pending room availability, TBA in January, 2024.