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We welcome exhibits in the following categories:

  • Agriculture in the Field
  • Agriculture in Education
  • Agriculture-related Practical Skills
  • Agriculture for Outreach and Spiritual Growth
  • Young Entrepreneurs (6-17 yr old)


  • 1 (8' Table/Picnic table 7'4" x 3'5") $125
  • Young Entrepreneur $60 for half table/$125 full table

You must apply to exhibit. You will find the application in the registration. You will receive a confirmation/denial to your application within 2 weeks. If you are denied, your exhibit fee will be reimbursed.

Each exhibiting organization must register separately for booth space.

Register Here

Categories (who can exhibit)

    • Agriculture in the Field: ($125.00)

      Farming, selling agricultural tools, seeds & equipment.

    • Agriculture in Education: ($125.00)

      Schools /Homeschools/Lifestyle Centers with farms/gardens, educational resources and educational materials/curriculum in agriculture.

    • Agriculture-related Practical Skills: ($125.00)

      Food preservation, alternative energy sources, self ­sufficiency, homesteading, and entrepreneurial materials.

    • Agriculture for Outreach and Spiritual Growth: ($125.00)

      Community gardens, farm to table programs, ideas for market farming/garden as a ministry/outreach.

    • Young Entrepreneurs: ($60.00 half a table/$125 full table)

      Half table shared with another. Young people (6- 17 yr old) that have a home business, ex: maple syrup making, granola making, soap making, making cards, aprons, garden signs, photography etc... (Young Entrepreneurs must man their own booth and all materials sold must be made by them).

    Note: Exhibitor Fee above includes a single 8' space/picnic table 7'4" x 3' 5" or for Young Entrepreneurs a half table shared with another entrepreneur.

    By registering as an exhibitor, you agree to the following:

    1. I understand that solicitation of financial donations is limited to the exhibit area.
    2. I will promote a positive and supportive position towards AdAgrA and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
    3. I understand that distribution of any approved promotional material is limited to the exhibit area.
    4. I understand that AdAgrA approval of our exhibitor application is not an endorsement of our product(s) or service(s)
    5. I understand that AdAgrA is not responsible for damage or loss to our exhibit or belongings.
    6. I will not serve food or drink samples at the convention without obtaining approval.
    7. Each exhibiting organization must register separately for booth space.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Last day to cancel exhibits with full refund is Dec 28, 2023.

    Questions? email [email protected]