Irrigation and Farming Material Suppliers

Berry Hill Irrigation 1-800-345-3747 They have a wide range of irrigation products for both the home gardener and the farmer.

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch 1-800-478-2214 This company supplies irrigation products mostly for the farmer but they do have a large home garden kit. They also have a range of other products. Good prices, but do not have a large range of products.

Feather River Packaging 663 Center Ave, Gridley, CA 95948 (California)
(530) 846-6780 Supplier of drip tape and accessories for commercial farmers. Also they have a large supply and range of packaging materials.

Deerfield Supplies, 1-270-265-2425, (Kentucky)
Mennonite owned, great pricing, increasing selection of organic supplies, close to home.