Agriculture Curriculum

This webpage is in the works, so bare with us as some links don't lead anywhere yet. We are working hard get everything up and running in a timely manner.   - Anna Perea,  Program Developer


     As fellow teachers and gardeners, we wanted to make it easier to develop an agriculture program in whatever teaching capacity you may find yourself: conventional schools, homeschool, or church programs. With a lot of prayer, time and dedication, we are bringing to you a teacher's package with a newly created teacher/student field guide,  the garden growing materials you'll need for a successful garden, additional books and videos to supplement your lessons, and a support team willing to help you succeed. 

                                             Acquainting Agriculture - Grow to Know Him 

     We believe the time is now for students to get to know their Creator through gardening. “His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made…” (Romans 1:20). So join the exciting journey as we use creation to acquaint our students with God.


Promotional Video

     For a quick glimpse of the mission and purpose of our program, check out the video below.



Agriculture Curriculum

   Our agriculture program uses simple, inexpensive, proven methods of growing during the school year and beyond. We hope you enjoy using these prepared, weekly lesson plans (36 lessons) as you teach your students to "grow to know Him."  Each lesson includes a relevant devotional thought, science lesson, health lesson, activities, detailed illustrations, and a place for notes to record thoughts in. The ideal setting is to take your students outdoors and use the majority of the time for hands-on activities. So that you have the freedom to get as messy as you dare, we are  working on creating a waterproof field guide that can be wiped off and be as good as new.

Sample Lesson


Teacher's Package

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  • Teacher/Student Field Guides
  • Garden Growing Materials
  • Supplemental Material


Need Help Convincing the School Board?

     Sometimes it can take a while to get everyone else use to the idea of incorporating an agriculture program into an already tight school curriculum. That is why we have created promotional materials that will help you in this worthy effort.

  • Proposal Letter
  • Promotional Video
  • Powerpoint



     As we continue to expand our resources and services, we welcome you to leave feedback. Fill in the comment box below to help us make this agriculture program the best it can be everyone.


     We understand unless you see a program succeeding already it's hard to jump on board financially to support the cause. So we have created an one-page newsletter that goes out each month, showing you our efforts and accomplishments. Know how your donations are making a difference allows you to be on the front lines from your home. We thank you in advance for your contributions and commitment to seeing young people "grow to know Him."



     We know it can feel like your trail blazing alone sometimes, so we have developed a team that is committed to helping each one of our teacher's succeed. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email for any and all of your questions.  


Anna Perea