AdAgrA Conference Dates: January 14-18, 2020



Presenting our main speakers and Pre Conference Speakers

Scott Ritsema-  Keynote Speaker

Scott Ritsema is the speaker and director of Belt of Truth Ministries. His seminars on media, child development, current events/prophecy, and true education have been featured at conferences and conventions and on satellite TV. Scott now operates an online video channel (Belt of Truth.TV) to provide quality, Christian media.


Philip Samaan- Main Speaker

Dr. Philip Samaan grew up in Syria, on the family farm -- bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The climate encouraged year-round growing of a variety of produce which they sold at market. His family produced all the food they needed plus much more. He experienced what farming was like in Biblical times: threshing floor, winnowing, yoke and plow, olives and oil presses. He immigrated to the United States in the 1960's, studied for pastoral ministry and then went on to teach at Andrews University Theological Seminary and Southern Adventist University -- also serving as a missionary in Africa. After 30 years at SAU, he has now retired as a professor emeritus. He continues to travel, preach, and conduct seminars on Christ's Way - encouraging others to become more Christlike in all that they do. 



Luke & Chanteé Fisher- Thursday Plenary

Teaching: Main Conference Class

Luke and Chantée Fisher are market gardeners who are raising their children and organic vegetables on their multi-generational family farm in Bristow, Oklahoma. They find joy in living simply, serving God and their community, mentoring young people, and working alongside their little ones every day.




Gabriel & Vonnelle McClover- Friday Plenary

Teaching: Pre Conference Track

Gabriel & Vonnelle McClover are proud parents to 5 children, and owners of the Vineyard Vegetarian Café in Summerville GA. Their family has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past 4 years educating them about plant-based nutrition to help prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases. Their family business/ministry is combining agriculture, restaurant, and medical missionary work.  


Alan Seiler

Teaching: Advance Track and Main Conference Class

Alan Seiler is a young entrepreneur passionate about sustainable farming and innovation. The last eight years, he’s hit his head against the “agricultural wall” so many times (he's still hitting his head), he finally has something of value to share! He leads out in BetterTogether Farm, a family startup in southern Oklahoma, where he combats water issues, fertility problems, neighboring herbicide drifts, and extreme weather with indefatigable spirit.


   Darren Greenfield

Teaching: Welding Track and Main Conference Class

Darren Greenfield spent the first half of his life in New Zealand where he developed a love for farming. For the last 8 years, he has managed Weimar Farm in California and teaches Agriculture for Weimar College, along with welding for Weimar Academy. He currently serves as chairman of the board for AdAgrA.


Matt and Deidre Dealy

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Matt and Deidre own and operate Tobias Garden, a small farm in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. They are currently developing their fourth farming operation, and know from experience what it means to “bootstrap” a farm. Together they “farmschool” their four children, ages 4-12.


Bob Gregory

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Bob Gregory has worked as an agronomist and agricultural professional for the last fifty years. He has directed large-scale production in both organic and conventional settings. For the last twenty years he has been devoted to small-scale agriculture by providing both education and an example. He lives in West Virginia where he owns and operates Berea Gardens Agriculture Center -- growing a wide variety of vegetables for local markets.


Lynnita Gregory

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Lynnita has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. For the past 10 years she has also been co-owner of Berea Gardens Agriculture Center. She manages food preparation for the training classes, post-harvest processing of crops, and helps wherever she is needed on the farm.


Scott and Linda Learned

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Scott and Linda Learned both attended Southern Missionary College, and graduated with degrees in education; Scott with a degree in Biology and Linda with a degree in Elementary Education. They taught for several years, but when their three children were young they retired in order to own and operate a cabinet shop. Their desire was to spend more time with their children and this was accomplished through the family business and homeschooling.. Their children are all married and actively involved in serving. Today, Scott and Linda continue to keep busy with the cabinet shop and are starting a garlic farm.


Michelle Lesher

Teaching: Pre Conference Track 

Larry Lesher

Teaching: Main Conference Classes

Working alongside her husband, Larry, at East- ward Gardens, Michelle helps with planting, harvesting, weeding and cooking the fruits, vegetables & culinary herbs grown. Her new-found love on the farm is growing flowers & creating bouquets to share with the community at the local farmers markets.


Keith and Renee Hankins

Teaching: Pre Conference Track

Keith and Renee Hankins have been married for 23 years and have five children; Briana, Kacie, Keith O’Neil, Alissa, & Joshua. Keith is a Media Analyst by profession, a cinematographer at heart and a farmer deep down in his soul. This homeschooling family seeks to know God and serve Him in their local community.


Tommy Mayers

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

TOMMY MEYER is currently a teacher/farmer at DayStar Adventist Academy. Prior to that he apprenticed
with Lynn Hoag, which was a great preparation for his work at DayStar. Tommy has spearheaded a project called “The Food Lab”, with the goal to have zero waste of farm produce -- by dehydrating, freeze-drying and pickling.



Eleida Feliciano

Teaching: Pre Conference Track 

ELEIDA FELICIANO has a great love for education and an even greater love for truth. It has been her joy to study and implement True Education. She is currently serving as the Primary Grades’ Teacher and Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School.


Kevin Johnson

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Kevin Johnson was originally from Maryland but now resides in Central Florida. He has worked in aerial photography since 1983. In 2016 he and his wife Debra purchased 20 acres of cleared land which they are converting to an orchard. At the same time Kevin began keeping bees and currently manages about 15-20 hives.


Lydia LaJewel Rice

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

LydiaLaJewel Rice began her study of natural remedies close to her childhood home in the woods of Maine under herbalist Debbie Mercier of Greenwood Herbals. This confirmed her love for the study of nature and discovering the healing properties placed there by the Creator. She continued to apply what she was learning as a student and teacher of herbology at Uchee Pines Institute in Seale, AL. She has enjoyed assisting and learning under Master Herbalist Lee Wellard. Now she and her husband, Kirk, work at Castle Valley Farms and Day Star Academy continuing to learn and share what God has freely given.


Javier Gonzales

Teaching: Pre Conference Track and Main Conference Class

Javier Gonzalez Is serving as farm manager at Castle Valley Farms; Daystar Adventist Academy in Utah. Javier has a new found passion for an agrarian lifestyle; since learning the advent message in 2013. Together with his wife Laura and two children Laila and Evan they hope to gain experience that will fit them for a wider sphere of usefulness to better serve the Lord.


Cavell Blood

Teaching: Main Conference Class

Cavell Blood and his wife, Kate, started gardening together as newly-weds in Weimar, CA in 2014. Two years later they moved to Williamsport, TN for the apprenticeship program at Bountiful Blessings Farm -- where they learned organic farming. Cavell currently lives with Kate and their two children in Tennessee, and his goal is to use their home garden as a ministry to the community.


Weston Adams

Teaching: Main Conference Class

Weston Adams currently lives with his parents and siblings in Middle Tennessee, where he is pursuing an online degree in Sustainable Food and Farming. He has been gardening since childhood and cultivating fruit trees and vines since age 15. His aspiration is to use agriculture in the mission field.



Anna Perea

Teaching: Main Conference Class

Anna Perea was born and raised in Texas, surrounded by country life and a small garden. She earned a BS in Biology and taught for two years before going back to school for a degree in Nursing. She always wondered if her Biology degree was a waste of time, but now sees that God had a master plan in it all. While still working as a nurse, God has led her to develop an agriculture program at Campion Academy in Loveland, CO. Their agriculture program promotes an environment that allows the students to meet God in the garden, acquainting them with His heart through direct contact with His Creation. They have successfully completed their first year and are excited to share how God has led every step of the way.



Pam Dysinger

Teaching: Main Conference Class

Pam Dysinger is the mother of 5 grown children, and a busy farmer's wife. She loves working in the garden, growing herbs, and building relationships with their farm customers.