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A Note from Programming (scroll down to view tracks)

The 2022 AdAgrA Conference Programming Committee is excited to share an overview of our upcoming conference, Sharing the Blessings, scheduled for January 18-22, 2022!

Plenary Sessions:

Evening plenary sessions begin Wednesday evening with our keynote address by Dr. Neal Nedley. Thursday and Friday evenings will feature families who have stepped out in faith to live the agrarian and country lifestyle.

Morning devotionals will be presented by Dwayne Lemon challenging us to live our theme, Sharing the Blessings.

Breakout sessions:

Each day will feature engaging topics for the farmer, homesteader, home gardener, educator, and entrepreneur.

Morning sessions will be primarily classroom style, and afternoons filled with demos and hands-on opportunities.

    Demos: There will be plenty of demos to choose from including tree planting, bread making, composting, tractor maintenance, basic irrigation setup and more.

    Hands-on: From making your very own broadfork, to flower arranging, soil blocking, trying out favorite farm tools, or wiring a farm automation system, there’s something for everyone.

    Kids Programming:

    Kids ages 6-14 will have a special program each morning immersing them in the new AdAgrA Curriculum.

    Optional afternoon activities will be available including a two hour obstacle course, canoeing and horseback riding (additional charges may apply).

    Networking Opportunities:

    The conference will begin Tuesday evening with an interactive agriculturally themed “get acquainted” time. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will feature specific after-lunch networking times for young adults, institutional farmers, and others. Exhibit times also provide excellent opportunities to connect with fellow attendees.

    Sabbath (our favorite day of the conference!)

    As the Sabbath hours come, we will shift our emphasis from the work and business of agriculture to focus on its spiritual aspects. There will be inspiring mission and ministry presentations, encouraging testimonies of God’s leading through agriculture and country-living, and challenging messages to draw us up higher.

    It is our prayer that each presentation will spur you on to finding and Sharing the Blessings of the agrarian lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you and your friends and family there!

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    True Education

    Is agriculture really an essential part of the education of every young person? How can this be made practical? What are the spiritual implications to the future of our students?

    Intentional Education with Melissa Clayton

    1 hour

    Home­school­ing is such a priv­i­lege, but it doesn’t always feel like one. Come discuss some ways to sim­plify your life and help your child, and you, enjoy the learn­ing process!

    I'm not going to be a farmer! Why should I do this? with David Vixie

    1 hour

    This session will give exam­ples using animals and agri­cul­ture that stim­u­lates teacher’s and stu­den­t’s think­ing, working, won­der­ing and apply­ing lessons in Bible, history, math, science and language.

    Finding Pleasure in Work & Passing it on with Jeff Weijohn

    1 hour

    How is the trend changed in a society that teaches kids to avoid work? If God gave weeds to keep us from evil, how can men­tor­ing be incor­po­rated into your business?

    Institutional Farmers Panel Discussion with Nathanael Jensen

    1 hour

    In today’s world, insti­tu­tional agri­cul­ture, espe­cially as it relates to edu­ca­tional insti­tu­tions, is both extremely chal­leng­ing and reward­ing. What is God’s design for agri­cul­ture in our insti­tu­tions, and how would He have us cul­ti­vate today?

    Communion with God in Nature: Spiritual Lessons from the Garden with Dwayne Lemon

    1 hour

    We’ll learn why com­mu­nion in nature” is so vital in the last days.

      Agriculture & Education – How to Make it Work with Immian Wolfe

      1 hour

      Is it a busi­ness, is it a class­room – or is it both? Immian shares some obser­va­tions from 3 seasons with Foun­tain­view Academy and sug­gests ways we could approach agri­cul­ture at our institutions.


      Wanting to make the country move but don’t know where to start, or wonder why it’s even important? How can it be made practical? What is the prudent way forward?
      Our Homesteading Track is designed to help answer these questions and more.

      Country Living By the Numbers with Ryan Booth

      1 hour

      The goal of this class is to provide the attendee with an overview of what it takes from a finan­cial, time and reg­u­la­tory per­spec­tive to develop a country property.

      Solar Power by the Numbers with Ryan Booth

      1 hour

      This class will provide the attendee with a clear analy­sis of the cost and ben­e­fits of both off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

      Responsible Living—Sustainable Living with Chad Kreuzer

      1 hour

      Did you know the US pro­duces more than 30% of the planet’s total waste, even though we’re only 4% of the pop­u­la­tion? It’s esti­mated every Amer­i­can throws out 7 lb of trash a day.

      As Chris­tians, we don’t have the great­est rep­u­ta­tion for how we inter­act with our stuff”. Terms like green”, eco-friendly”, recycle”, and envi­ron­men­tally-friendly” are typ­i­cally used by groups who are more con­cerned with cre­ation than the Creator. But is it pos­si­ble there’s a role we should be playing as respon­si­ble stew­ards of God’s creation? 

      Join us as we explore simple, effec­tive ways to start taking better care of your corner of God’s earth.

      End Time Gardening with Dwayne Lemon

      1 hour

      We will look at the spir­i­tual lessons learned in gar­den­ing for end time preparation.

      Basic Gardening

      Help! How do I Start My First Garden? with Paul Dysinger

      1 hour

      Dis­cover a simple step-by-step process to plan and grow your first garden ever includ­ing our Plug-and-Play Garden Plan to get up and running ASAP!

      Healthy Soil Building for Beginners with Paul Dysinger

      1 hour

      Not sure you’re up to ana­lyz­ing a full blown soil test? Come dis­cover key prin­ci­ples of soil health that anyone can imple­ment right away in the garden without complex calculations.

      Pheeeww! That Stinks!—How to Solve Your Composting Crises, Plus How to Compost in Place With Cover Crops. with John Dysinger

      1 hour

      We will look at the ingre­di­ents of a healthy compost pile and how to trou­bleshoot common prob­lems. Then we will look at the chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties of home-scale cover-cropping.

      Growing Microgreens in Your Kitchen, Part 1 with Steve Wohlberg

      1 hour

      Dis­cover how incred­i­bly healthy they are, and exactly how to easily grow them in your own home.

      Business & Ministry

      Your Farm, Your Family, Your Ministry – Honest Reflections from 8 years of farming with Immian Wolfe

      1 hour

      We need to keep the main thing, the main thing. Farming is simple and idyllic when viewed from the outside – how does it look from the inside? Our family’s perspective.

      Profit First! with Matt Dealy

      1 hour

      Learn how to make your small farm prof­itable now. Start paying your­self instead of putting every­thing into the farm and getting to fall and saying oops, I guess I need to go get a job to support my farming habit.

      The Ins & Outs, Twists and Turns—of Interns: Training the Next Generation of Gardeners with John Dysinger and Pam Dysinger

      1 hour

      Turn It Over. The Plowshare of Business with Kelly Coffin

      1 hour

      What does it take to engage in mission cen­tered busi­ness? What is the focus to be? How is success defined, and most impor­tantly, what must be lost to achieve it? Here we’ll look at lessons from agri­cul­ture and prin­ci­ples of plowing applied to business.

      Tear It Apart. The Harrow of Business with Kelly Coffin

      1 hour

      What does employee man­age­ment mean within a mission cen­tered busi­ness? Is there a dif­fer­ence? Is there a model for culture? How is success defined and what are the prac­ti­cal steps nec­es­sary to facil­i­tate it? Have you ever tilled a field? Here we’ll look at some prac­ti­cal ele­ments of har­row­ing and their appli­ca­tion to man­age­ment in the mission of business.

      Market Gardening

      5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Market Garden with Ricky Seiler

      1 hour

      Whether you’re think­ing about start­ing a market garden or already in the process, learn how to bypass the 5 Big Mis­takes that can make the dif­fer­ence between a thriv­ing, sus­tain­able market garden or one that strug­gles and fizzles.

      Greenhouse Heating Options with Matt Dealy

      1 hour

      In this class we will discuss some new and dif­fer­ent methods of heating green­houses, mainly dis­cussing our newly installed system which includes heated air tubes and ground heat.

      Food Safety and the Basics of Post Harvest Handling with Judy Johnson

      1 hour

      I will cover basic poli­cies and pro­ce­dures that are required in the food indus­try when selling your farm prod­ucts to the public through farmers’ markets, restau­rants, online stores, and grocery stores, either retail or whole­sale. We will discuss what is needed after harvest and how we handle our product.

      The New Big is Small: Value-added Product Integration on Your Farm with Terri Weijohn

      1 hour

      Com­modi­ties to value-added prod­ucts are chal­leng­ing. Eval­u­ate prod­ucts to bring to market and max­i­mize your returns, accom­plish your mission, and give people more by buying it from your farm.

      Farming with Children with Deidre Dealy

      1 hour

      How to Market and Sell Your Produce with Ricky Seiler

      1 hour

      Listen in as dif­fer­ent farmers from around the country share how they market and sell their produce to indi­vid­u­als, restau­rants, grocers, schools etc… Hear what has worked and what hasn’t.

      Advanced Farmers

      Demystifying Certified Organic: What, Why & How? with Judy Johnson

      1 hour

      What does cer­ti­fied organic mean, what does that entail, and why would being cer­ti­fied be good for my farming prac­tices? I will give the basic meaning of being Cer­ti­fied Organic, how one goes about becom­ing cer­ti­fied, and how it can help your farming prac­tices. We will also discuss some of the chal­lenges of being Cer­ti­fied Organic.

      The Farm and Diversification with Judy Johnson

      1 hour

      I will explain how it is good to not have all your eggs in one basket” and that by diver­si­fi­ca­tion you can keep a more con­sis­tent income when there are crop fail­ures or other envi­ron­men­tal issues. This would be for a farm that is already estab­lished in at least one area.

      Integrative Pest Management with Michael Trevizo

      1 hour

      Intro­duc­tion to various garden and farm crop pests, and the appro­pri­ate inte­gra­tion of com­mer­cially avail­able preda­tory and par­a­sitic organ­isms and other ben­e­fi­cial insects.

      Soil CPR with Rion Naus

      2 sessions, 2 hours total

      Develop your soil biology acumen while learn­ing the inter­re­la­tion­ships of life. This hands-on expe­ri­en­tial approach to the micro and macro soil biome will lead to greater con­fi­dence and com­pe­tence to provide the needed nature nour­ish­ment” for plant, people and planet.

      Specialty Crops

      Growing Blueberries: Farm to Table with Jeff Weijohn

      1 hour

      Growing is simple, selling is not. Your desire to grow must be equaled by your ability to market. What are the things to con­sider as you proceed with blueberries?

      Advanced Beekeeping with Robert Norris

      1 hour

      In this class we will discuss a few advanced topics in bee­keep­ing: raising queens, cre­at­ing bee forage, comb honey, equip­ment storage and other not so common issues.

      Becoming a Flower Farmer with Christina Ford

      45 minutes

      Want to grow flowers and make money doing it? In this class we’ll walk step by step through the process of start­ing a suc­cess­ful flower farm from scratch.

      Growing, Milling and Selling Grains on your Farm with Seth Shaffer

      45 minutes

      Growing, milling and selling your own grains may seem like a daunt­ing chal­lenge, but it is really not. Join me as we learn about the steps behind a suc­cess­ful small grain operation.

      Advanced Flowers: Surviving Precipitous Profusion with Christina Ford

      1 hour

      With flower farming becom­ing more, and more popular by the day, is the market going to become over­crowded? And more impor­tantly, when your town has 5 or 10 other flower farms, will there still be space in the market for you? In this class we’ll dive into the flower market, how much space is actu­ally left in the flower farming indus­try, and how you can stand out in the surge.

      Advanced Flowers: Value Adding with Color with Christina Ford

      1 hour

      If flowers only came in shades of grey, would people still buy them? In this class you’ll learn all about how you can increase the value of your flower farm based on the colors you choose to grow and arrange.

      Home Grown Mushrooms! with Tommy Mayer

      45 minutes

      Come join us for an intu­itive look at the basics of home mush­room cul­ti­va­tion. We will also discuss various health ben­e­fits mush­rooms offer!

      Baby Greens – How to Scale Up with Immian Wolfe

      45 minutes

      Start­ing with a Johnny’s six-row seeder and the Quick Cut Har­vester from Farmer’s Friend – you can get serious about greens. This is how we do it and some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

      Tomatoes 365: Growing Greenhouse Tomatoes with Adner Abreu

      1 hour

      This pre­sen­ta­tion will go over the best vari­eties for green­house pro­duc­tion, growing tech­niques, and disease control.

      Growing Citrus with Louis Cuccia

      1 hour

      Learn how to give your citrus trees the best oppor­tu­nity to thrive! We’ll discuss vari­eties, plant­ing, soil fer­til­ity, pruning, frost control and more.


      Getting Started with Beekeeping with Robert Norris

      4 sessions, 3 hours and 30 minutes total

      In this class we will cover all you need to know to get started raising and caring for your own bees. We will talk about bees, equip­ment and man­age­ment for you to be a suc­cess­ful beekeeper.


      Orcharding with Brad Johnson

      2 sessions, 2 hours total

      This class will include general aspects of my orchard pro­duc­tion in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia such as: 

      • Orchard prepa­ra­tion and plant­ing methods

      • Weed and pest control (more about pruning and graft­ing in my other presentation)

      • Irri­ga­tion and fertilizer/​applications

      • Caring for an orchard through the seasons of the year

      Hands-on Classes

      Some exciting workshops are lined up--flower arranging, tool-making, winter gardening, automation basics, canning--are you ready?

      On Farm Metal Fabrication and Tool Repair with Darren GreenfieldHands-on Additional Fee

      2 presentations, 2 hours each

      8 person limit per presentation
      $120.00 per person

      In this metal fab­ri­ca­tion class you will learn the basics of how to cut, shape, and weld steel. The form of welding will be MIG. Each par­tic­i­pant will make his/​her own broad fork to take home. Learn­ing to work with steel can save you a lot of money and enable you to repair your own tools when they break.

      Centerpiece Floral Design Techniques with Cindy MaganHands-on Additional Fee

      1 hour and 45 minutes

      30 person limit
      $60.00 per person

      In this class we will create a lush, organic cen­ter­piece with the use of sea­sonal blooms and varied foliage. You will learn basic floral design tech­niques that create a full look with a lower cost in order to increase your profit margins. We will also share how floral design has opened doors for friend­ship evan­ge­lism in a secular mar­ket­place. All sup­plies will be included in the cost.

      Preserving the Harvest with Angela FordDemoHands-on

      45 minutes

      A hands-on class that will inspire you to can fruits and veg­eta­bles with con­fi­dence. We will dis­cover how to hot-water bath or pres­sure can your produce to pre­serve the flavors of the season.

      Starting and Protecting Winter Veggies with Paul DysingerHands-on Additional Fee

      2 hours

      50 person limit
      $30.00 per person

      Get hands-on expe­ri­ence making your own soil blocks to start healthy plants and then learn how to protect them in the winter with a simple inex­pen­sive quick-hoop.

      Farm & Homestead Automation Basics with Jeremiah DaulHands-on Additional Fee

      2 presentations, 1 hour and 45 minutes each

      12 person limit per presentation
      $40.00 per person

      Learn basic automa­tion prin­ci­ples to help boost effi­ciency around the home­stead and farm. We’ll discuss how to select a control-system that meets your needs, and then get hands-on with wiring.

      The Right Tool for the Job—A Hands-On Tool Demonstration with John DysingerDemoHands-on

      45 minutes

      Having the right tool for a job can mean the dif­fer­ence between plea­sure and drudgery. Come see our favorite hand tools demon­strated and try them out for yourself!

      Afternoon Demos

      Watch experienced farmers and homesteaders demonstrate tree-planting, compost-pile building, sauerkraut, irrigation, basic tractor maintenance and more!

      Propagation from Cuttings with Robert NorrisDemo

      45 minutes

      If you want to grow lots of plants for market or your own garden- we show dif­fer­ent prop­a­gat­ing tech­niques for woody and herba­ceous plants. We’ll cover prop­a­ga­tion by stems, roots and leaves.

      Implementing Acquainting Agriculture—Planting with Jesus and God in the Garden with Angela Frauenfelder (Boothby) and Melissa ClaytonDemo

      45 minutes

      The vision for AdA­grA’s Acquaint­ing Agri­cul­ture cur­ricu­lum is to connect the stu­dents to their Creator through hands-on expe­ri­ence in their gardens. God will be their teacher and the garden will be His class­room. Come find out how to connect your ele­men­tary and middle school stu­dents with God in a way they have never done before!

      Farming with Mules with David VixieDemo

      45 minutes

      See a live demon­stra­tion showing how mules can be part of a farming operation!

      Agriculture & Medical Missionary Work with Dwayne LemonDemo

      45 minutes

      Sauerkraut with Angela FordDemo

      45 minutes

      Making good kraut is kind of like making good bread — it’s pretty easy, but doing it really well takes a few good tips. Together we’ll dis­cover how to make great sauer­kraut every single time.

      Implementing Acquainting Agriculture—Grow to Know Him with Angela Frauenfelder (Boothby) and Anna PereaDemo

      45 minutes

      The vision for AdA­grA’s Acquaint­ing Agri­cul­ture cur­ricu­lum is to connect the stu­dents to their Creator through hands-on expe­ri­ence in their gardens. God will be their teacher and the garden will be His class­room. Come find out how to connect your high school stu­dents with God in a way they have never done before!

      Tree Planting Like Grandma White with Chad KreuzerDemo

      45 minutes

      We have been blessed with a prophetic message on how to plant trees and other plants. You may have had the oppor­tu­nity to see the amazing results of the Grandma White tree plant­ing method.” In this session we will both talk about plant­ing and put it into practice.

      Tractor Maintenance and Repair with Darren GreenfieldDemo

      45 minutes

      If you are think­ing of getting a tractor and would like to learn how to safely operate and use various imple­ments along with how to main­tain and extend it’s life then this is a class that will be very useful to you. Many tractor owners strug­gle with chang­ing a 3 point hitch imple­ment. Under­stand­ing some basic prin­ci­ples will make this process much easier and efficient.

      The Real Dirt on Composting—A Hands-on Compost Pile Making Demonstration with John DysingerDemo

      45 minutes

      In this hands-on class we will build a compost pile from scratch and talk through the poten­tial prob­lems as we build it.

      Building a Greens Bubbler with Joshua DysingerDemo

      45 minutes

      A hands on class demon­strat­ing how to build a simple greens washing bubbler that will save hours on your market farm.

      Irrigation Systems for Beginners with Alan SeilerDemo

      45 minutes

      During this class we will be going over drip tape irri­ga­tion, and over­head irri­ga­tion options, how to put them together and when you might want to use one over another.

      Gluten Free Made Easy with Pam DysingerDemo

      45 minutes

      Whether you want to make GF bread for your­self or use it to boost market sales this demon­stra­tion is for you. Come see how simple it can be.

      Grafting & Pruning with Brad JohnsonDemo

      45 minutes

      I will be going over pruning and graft­ing methods I use on my farm for fun and pro­duc­tion. This will include showing various tools and techniques.

        Washing Machine to Salad Spinner Conversion with Jeremiah Daul and Joshua DysingerDemo

        45 minutes

        A demon­stra­tion of the methods and tech­niques needed to convert a washing machine into a labor saving salad spinner.

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