2019 Archive - True Success 

Fifth Annual AdAgrA Conference - True Success

January 14-20, 2019 at Gladstone, Oregon


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Tuesday - For Farmers Only

Intensive Class, Advanced Farmers Only

Class starts at 9:15am

Plant Pathology

Presenter: Michael Trevizo

Class Description
This course will introduce the audience with the “Disease triangle”, disease cycle of various pathogens, proper identification of signs and symptoms; different fungal pathogens their commons names and their trophic behaviors; Viruses and RNA/DNA, and some basic bacterial organisms.

Presenter Bio
Michael is a farmer, agricultural reformer, production manager at Five College Farms, and soil scientist with a focus on soil science and agronomy.  He received a B.S. degree in Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University.

Wednesday - Pre Conference - 6 hrs intensives.



Finding Your Place In The Country

Presenter: Dave Westbrook

Class Description
This class will teach you how to find the best country properties including:

  • Where to focus your search
  • Necessary ingredients of an ideal country homestead
  • Evaluating water, solar and gardening potential
  • Negotiating strategies
  • And more...

Dave will also share big lessons learned over the last 18 years from both failures and successes that can help you avoid pitfalls, save money and ultimately find your place in the country.

Presenter Bio
Dave grew up in the mountains of northern California. He studied music, theology and pre-med, but decided to follow his love of teaching and ministry, while continuing to pursue further training in health, nutrition and natural therapies.  After devoting almost 10 years to pastoral ministry, Dave launched Back to Enoch - a teaching ministry, and then Country Living University - an online training program helping families achieve a country lifestyle.

Home Gardening

Presenter: Lynn Hoag

Class Description
In this class we will cover:

  • God’s instruction for home gardens in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.
  • What size of garden do you need to feed your family?
  • A comparison of different gardening systems, from simple and easy to more sophisticated, with their advantages, disadvantages, and costs.
  • Using ocean water (or unrefined ocean salts) for full nutrition, health, insect control, and flavor. This is very inexpensive and has tremendous benefits in quality, taste, and disease resistance.
  • How the same compost could damage one garden and benefit another.
  • Learning how to eat out of your garden all year without a greenhouse.
  • Is a greenhouse practical for my situation and budget?

Presenter Bio
Lynn has 70 years of gardening experience and has looked for ideas that work. He has tested, and tweaked these over the years. He feels the most important agriculture principles are found in the Bible, the writings of Ellen White, and careful observation of nature. Lynn travels doing workshops and seminars and during this class you will hear first hand what he has learned and how to apply these principles to your own garden.

Introduction to Market Gardening

Presenter: John Dysinger family

Class Description
In this course, the John Dysinger family will first focus on why we believe there should be more Seventh-day Adventist market gardeners, and why family farming has such powerful witnessing potential.

Then we will dig into the nitty gritty of how to make it work, including:

  • Market Gardening Resources — Pointing you to the information you need to succeed.
  • Farm layout & infrastructure — How to plan and build for success.
  • What to grow — The most profitable crops. 
  • Efficiencies — How to seed, plant, cultivate, irrigate, harvest, wash & pack with greater efficiency. 
  • Marketing — Where and how to sell your produce — including a grower panel sharing their best marketing advice.
  • Finances — What will it cost to get started and how much can you expect to make?
  • Q & A — What additional questions do you have about making it work?

Presenter Bio
John and Pam started Bountiful Blessings farm (in middle Tennessee) in the fall of 1998. There they raised their children with the stern discipline of farm life. Today they are farming with sons, Caleb and Joshua along with his wife Kelli.  Although they love the challenges and rewards of growing healthy food, their passion is encouraging others to experience the blessings of an agrarian life.  One way they do that is through the farms 6 month internship.

Advanced Soil Science

Presenter: Michael Trevizo

Class Description
In this class, we will discuss: 

  • basic soil-plant relationships
  • Ion exchanges in soils 
  • buffering capacity 
  • supply of nutrients from Organic Matter
  • movement of ions from soils to roots 
  • ion absorption by plants.

Outdoor Education

Presenter: Angela Boothby

Class Description:

Why do we NEED to spend time in nature? Are there blessings for our children, even for ourselves as we guide them that the Lord has planned for us right outside our back door?Whether you are a professional educator, parent, or simply an enthused adult; outdoor education can be relevant to your life.  In this class you will get hands-on training and be directed to worthwhile tools that will help you make the most of the classroom right outside your door. It will show you how to use both the garden and the outdoors in general as a classroom to teach school subjects. My passion is to introduce children and adults of all ages to the Creator by going outside and enjoying nature!

Presenter Bio
Angela and her two brothers were raised on a small farm in Michigan. She was blessed with an incredible childhood of baling hay and working in the garden.   She has a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Masters in Outdoor Education. Her passion is for missions, youth, and helping people to connect with God through His incredible handiwork.

Organic Blueberry Production

Presenter: Eric Pond

Class Description
In this class we will be looking at:

  • Pre-plant considerations
  • Marketing
  • Varieties
  • Site selection
  • Preparation
  • Irrigation system considerations
  • Planting
  • Post-Planting care
  • Operation Years 1-3
  • Operation Years 4-7
  • Operation Years 8 and beyond
  • Harvest
  • Packing
  • Scaling up operations and efficiency; what to consider, what works and what doesn’t

Presenter Bio
Eric has farmed in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years, working on behalf of clients to source, develop and operate over 6500 acres in berries and hazelnuts (2500 acres is now certified organic). Currently, Eric is focused on developing organic hazelnut production methods and working to help growers obtain land access. An advisor to Oregon State University’s organic berry research projects, Eric also co-authored an economic study of organic blueberry production http://arec.oregonstate.edu/oaeb/files/pdf/AEB0023.pdf

Growing without Herbicides and Pesticides

Presenter: Bob Gregory

Class Description
Most Organic growers follow a similar pest and weed control program as conventional Integrated Pest Management growers, but simply rely on a different set of "safer" inputs of organically certified crop protection chemicals. 

Learn an entirely different paradigm for protecting your crops that requires no chemical inputs at all.  For the past five years I have used strategies and systems that have allowed my market farm to be nearly pest-free without using any pesticides, organic or otherwise.

Also learn new concepts for managing weed pressure so that you can focus on maximizing your crop without endless hours of labor or relying on herbicides.  The proven methods you will learn in this class are guaranteed to be "eye-openers" for you and free you of costly inputs.

Presenter Bio
Bob’s perspective is shaped by more than 50 years of experience in crop production, including large-scale farm management and consulting. As owner of Berea Gardens Agriculture Center, he and his wife, Lynnita, now operate a family-scale market farm, seed bank and training center on their 120 acre West Virginia farm.

Thursday - Friday - Main Conference