2017 Archive - Following Fully

Explore God's Plan For You & Agriculture at the Third Annual AdAgrA Conference

January 25-28, 2017 at Camp Kulaqua, Florida


"But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it." Numbers 14:24

Following Fully

Like Caleb of old, we want to follow God fully into the promised land. We believe this “following fully” includes returning as closely as possible to God’s original Eden plan for man - where the mental, physical, and spiritual powers were perfectly balanced by the God-appointed labor of dressing and keeping the garden. After the Fall, man was sent forth from Eden to till the ground and deal with sweat, thorns and thistles, but this manual labor was a vital part of God’s redemptive plan. Embracing this plan helps prepare us to follow Him fully into Eden restored.

What to Expect

Whether you're an absolute beginner with a brown thumb, or an experienced market gardener, you'll find something of value in this spiritual and educational weekend!

The speakers for the morning and evening plenary sessions are:

  • Pastor & Farmer Darren Greenfield
  • Dr. Tim Howe
  • Scott Ritesma
  • David Obermiller (Replacing Dwayne Lemon who will not be able to attend due to surgery.)

Eight pre-conference courses and eight main-conference tracks will create not only a great learning experience but an opportunity for families, farmers, gardeners and want-to-be gardeners to get together and share their individual experiences.



Conference Details

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, January 25

Choose from eight “short courses,” each consisting of six one-hour classes focused on a specific theme. Classes start at 8:15am.

Short Courses
  • Soil Fertility 101: Step by step directions --Taught by Bob Gregory. For those that have found it challenging to get your mind around soil fertility in the past this will be the class for your. Bob is a great teacher and has a passion for helping people understand this sometimes difficult subject.
  • Gardening 101: Want to develop your green thumbs but not sure how to get started? This is the class for you. Paul Dysinger will be teach this class and he has a wealth of knowledge helping people that are just starting out. You will get a good foundation to start your own garden when you get home.
  • Preparing to Make the Jump:  (transitioning from city to sustainable country living) -- This is a new class for AdAgrA this year but a very important one. During this class we will be focusing on why we need to leave the cities and how we can get ready now to make that transition. We will be covering subject matter like how to start gardening in the city to what to look for in country property. We hope this class will help you ask the right questions before you make the jump.
  • Beekeeping 101: Beekeeping is a wonderful and tasty skill for anyone to learn. Vassiliy Osadchuk will be teaching you the basics of getting started in beekeeping from why you should have bees to how to extract that sweetness once the bees have done their hard work.
  • Market Gardening: For those that really would like to make their living off the land and are now ready to take on the challenge of growing and selling produce this is the class for you. If you have been growing and selling veggies for a long time this is also a good class for you. The John Dysinger family has been growing vegetables in the South for over 15 years and their wealth of knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to those starting out as well as those years into their own farm.
  • Soil Fertility 201(advanced): Soil Fertility has many many levels of complexity. Whitmar McConnell will be going deep into soil science and discussing the cutting edge knowledge of how we think the soil works. The attendees that will get the most out of this class are those that have taken their own soil test a few times and have a good working knowledge of soil fertility already. This class is a must for those that want to take their already existing farms or gardens to the next level when it comes to productivity. Note: This class will continue through the main conference as well for a total of 12 one hour class times.
  • Online Marketing: The web is opening new, wonderful options for marketing what you grow for the first time ever in history. It can also be a challenge for those that find themselves still in the stone age when it comes to understanding how to take advantage of this remarkable but seemingly complex thing. Dave Sharpe is an excellent teacher and will help you break this subject down into bite size pieces that you can process.
  • Principles of True Education in the Family and Garden: Education is such a hot topic these days and for good reason. There are so many competing views and it all can be quite confusing. During this six hour course Joshua White and others will be cracking open the Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, Recent Science in the area of childhood and later years development and their own practical experience. If you are interested in the principles of true education then this is the course for you.


Main Conference: Thursday & Friday, January 26-27

This segment of the conference includes morning devotionals as well as morning and evening plenary sessions.

Class presentations have been limited to 3 per day on Thursday and Friday, in order to give you more time to connect with other attendees.

The classes on Thursday and Friday are divided into eight tracks, each clustered around a particular theme.

The Eight Tracks
  • Modern Homesteading:  This theme will have classes under it that will cover things from building your own hoop house to how to take care of chickens.
  • Is there a "Doctor" On The Farm?: This theme will have classes under it that will cover subjects from the danger of GMO’s to Ergonomics for gardening.
  • Gardening Techniques: This theme will include classes covering subjects from using sea minerals in your garden to seed saving and growing your own soil biology.
  • Growing Specialty Crops: This theme will have classes that will cover subjects from how to grow sweet potatoes to how to grow small fruits.
  • Families In Agriculture--Testimonies and Instructions: This theme is unique. It differs from all the other classes because this is a time that families have been asked to share their own story of making the jump into agriculture and why. For those who haven’t taken the step yet, but are thinking about it this will be a wonderful opportunity hear and connect with people that have traveled the road ahead.
  • Grass "Roots" Soul Winning -- A Very, Very Old New Idea: During this theme we will be exploring the relevance of agriculture as a ministry and soul winning tool. For those who would like to see how it can be done you will enjoy this theme.
  • Soil Fertility Advanced: Continued from pre-conference.  Because of the complexity and importance of this class we feel that it needs as much time as we can give it.
  • Things to Know Before You Become a Farmer:  This class is still under development so we are not entirely sure if it will happen but if it does we are looking forward to talking about the big things you need to know before you become a farmer. Things like how to equip yourself, is there a future in Ag? And how to embark on your Agventure?


Main Conference: Sabbath, January 28

On Sabbath, plan to attend our Sabbath School and church service. In the evening we will have a time for testimonies for people to share how the Lord is leading them as He guides us into this new way of life. 

On Saturday night you won't want to miss the Young People in Agriculture panel and the final plenary session and charge to “Follow Fully.”


Lodging & Meals

Lodging - Lodging will vary on what you require. The good news is that the camp facility has everything from hotel style lodging to camping and RV hookups and in quantities that you should be able to have the lodging you need. Costs range from $11/night for tenting to $107 dollars per night for a lodge room.  Single attendees have a dormitory option for $6.50/night.  See registration site for availability and costs of specific options.

Meal Cost - Meals are available in a package plan at $123.50 for 13 meals or you can purchase them separately at $10.25/meal. The meals will be vegan. See registration site for more information.


Complete Conference Schedule:

2017 Complete Conference Schedule (PDF) This is the final update, dated Jan 16, 2017. This same document is being printed as a physical schedule to be given to each family unit at the conference.


Exhibitors at the Conference

Exhibitors can apply with this form: Exhibitor Application.

Location / Directions

The conference will be held at the Florida Conference's Camp Facility in High Springs, Florida.

If you are driving, the address is:
Camp Kulaqua Retreat Center
23400 NW 212 Ave.
High Springs, FL  32643
If you are flying, the closest Regional Airport is Gainesville, FL, which is about 24 miles from High Springs.

The closest International Airport is Jacksonville, FL, which is about 85 miles from High Springs.